Take your QR Codes to the limit!

Dynamic Tag Engine (DTE) is an innovative platform that was created to take the usage and management of QR Codes into the next level. With DTE, we offer you the possibility to create and manage your QR Codes in a truly professional way. Find bellow some examples on how our sophisticated QR Code management tools can help you to give a nitro boost to your business! 


>> Best in Class Management Cockpit


Have you ever felt the joy of being in total control? The management cockpit of Dynamic Tag Engine will give you that feeling, and much more! In DTE management cockpit you can have an HD perspective over the Dynamic QR Codes you are using on your business and, like a general in the battlefield, you have the power to set the mission of each of your “QR Soldiers”, measure their individual and group performance and orchestrate all the DTE tools we offer to help your business to succeed!





>> Premium QR Code Design Tools


Our QR Codes are dynamic, but that is just the beginning. We also offer you a full spectrum of possibilities in terms of QR Code design, from background to foreground color selection, gradient tool and inclusion of embed images. In case you need something “special” you can always contact us and we will get back to you with a proposal right away.





>> QR Code Dynamic Address Edition


In the old days QR Codes were like a crystallized “Polaroid pictures” of your company website link that you were using together with your advertising. With DTE we are taking the QR Code concept and usage into a new era where you can shape, at anytime, what your QR Code will be. A Web address or a PDF document? A Picture or a Video? A Vcard or a landing Page? Our Dynamic QR Codes can be all of this at the same time. You chose. Welcome to the future!




>> Powerful Real Time Analythics


With Dynamic Tag Engine we go beyond what it’s needed for you to fell the pulse of your Dynamic QR Codes performance. We offer you a complete set of information layers for you to analyze and explore. From scanning location, number of scans, device type, operating system and much more. You will not know what you have been missing until you try it out!



>> Redirect your Dynamic QR Code to a Landing Page (PDF, Image, Video)


When we firstly created the Landing Page concept in Dynamic Tag Engine our first goal was to offer small retailers and Businesses a chance to have their own web page hosted in our platform. After a while we realized the huge potential of the “landing page concept” and we have been improving the deck of options we can offer you within this area of our service. Currently we give the chance of hosting PDF documents, pictures, videos, web pages and much more. Can you just imagine the infinite possibilities that this feature can give to the Dynamic QR Codes you will generate and manage in DTE? 





>> Dynamic Vcard Edition


Traditional Business Cards in paper are still around and we bet they will continue to be for a long time. Anyway this doesn’t mean they could be improved and reinvented time to time. That is just what we decided to do when we developed the Dynamic Business card feature. With this one, your paper Business Card will always be up to date as you can update, at anytime, all the information behind the Vcard Dynamic QR Code.




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